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El Jefe’s is a Utica area food truck established in 2016 by Utica natives looking to have some fun, and make some great tasting food.  Being a new business we strive to have great customer interactions and experiences! We encourage our clientele to use our Facebook page as an open forum for ideas and ways to improve or modify our tastes. We specialize in fusion foods, the art of combining different culinary styles and flavors to enhance your dining experience. While we primarily specialize in Mexican and Spanish-American style foods, we are certainly not limited to that style of cuisine, we are always ready and willing to provide cuisine in any cooking style you may need for a private event or party!!!


Get the Food Truck Experience for: Birthday, Wedding, you name it...

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Food Truck Rally 

Saranac Thursday

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We will provide you with food from our extensive menu click HERE to contact us about catering.

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